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Chess for kids: learning chess in a fun and exciting way that develops the child’s concentration, focus, logic and memory.


In a world where achievements set us apart, with our help you will progress at an extremely fast rate and your results will skyrocket – follow my guidance and surprise yourself and the ones around you with how good you have become!
Drawing on our rich experience of more than 20 years of professional chess career of playing international tournaments around the world and coaching . We offer various coaching models depending on the level and interest of the student. These include, but are not limited to, the following:
Courses for improving players: creation of up-to-date opening repertoire congruent with the student’s taste; improving tactical and strategical thinking, middlegame and endgame play; analysis of your games and learning from the mistakes.

Our Program

Chess Classes in Dubai as an instructional company for kids. Our main focus is on keeping the game fun for children while teaching them lessons that are important in life such as sportsmanship, problem solving, critical thinking, concentration, patience, attention span and other skills. Participation in chess has been shown to increase test scores in reading and math. the Over the years, Chess Classes has had the pleasure of working with many State Individual and Team Champions.
This program is run with great success and popularity in many countries Private Schools (Full List of Schools). Kids love the program. Chess Classes in Dubai offers after-school instruction as well as small group instruction, tournaments, summer camps, private lessons, and advanced lessons.
Our instructors are among an elite group chosen for their chess playing ability as well as their ability to work with children, parents, and schools, and each instructor must pass in-depth background checks.

Chess is a beautiful and fascinating game that brings pleasure to millions. our main strategy to use chess as educational tools. Our global education has a strong alignment to the fundamental ways of how the basic education is facilitated for children to meet the 21st Century skill demand. we need to strengthen the system’s orientation to drive strong value creation around innovation landscape in local education. Chess as educational tool is a potential to be the innovation exercise to build more independent, inclusive and integrative thinking in children.

Alexandra Grishina
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