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Chess Training for Beginners

Beginners Chess Program

Learn  how to play chess. The basic step by step program from Professionals certified by the FIDE (World Chess Federation). Chess program for beginners is designed with easy and simple lessons to help learn fast in group or private, based on Russian Chess Curriculum.

In the Beginners program you will learn

  1. Fundamentals of Chess (Value for pieces and pawn
    Some special cases for draw. Checkmate by queen and rook.
    Excesses for checkmate. Opening- how to start games.)
  2. Get homework between training sessions to make sure you work on your own.
  3. Practice sessions which are observed by the instructors online and help students analyze games.
  4. Improving in all areas of the game(opening, middle game, endgame) and progressing to Intermediate and Advanced level.

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