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Chess Program for Intermediate

Intermediate Chess Program

The knowledge of Chess is a blend of theory and good strategic game plan with lots of practice, having excess information on the same subject can become superfluous. Likewise, too many exercises without theory can become counterproductive. To strike a balance between chess knowledge and practice one needs a professional structured chess lesson and training.
To maintain this delicate balance our coaches will work individual with each kid inside the group, which will take them up level further from the Beginners level to Intermediate level where they will able to understand Chess game more deeply and will be guided in different areas of the game to help them go to the next level.
Key Features Intermediate Chess program
Based on analysis of your games, Chess trainer will design your Lesson Plan.
  • Structured Chess course.
  • In-depth Analysis of the interactive session.
  • Get homework between training sessions to make sure you work on your own.
  • Practice sessions which are observed by the instructors and help students analyze games.
  • Improving your tactics and strategies and progressing to the Advanced level.
  • Positional chess tests.

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